imageI have started a project which involves the participation of my closest friends, my partner and possibly my parents. I am exploring several threads and I am not sure what the work will be or do at it’s outcome, but I know that I am exploring the evolutionary notion of the plural subject. The way that we are different with different people. The project also seeks to celebrate those who have given me their time in a relationship which has been enabling to me, this celebration is formed of the exchange of time spent in ‘conversation’ in task.

The project also seeks to explore the evolutionary notion that without a task to achieve together, humans cannot sustain a relationship. That it is through the mutual aims of a joint task that we find connection. If there is not take there is no relationship.

Through the creation of coil pots with an other I am exploring the conversations in task between individuals, the possible exchange of care embodied in making and examining the outcomes for insights. I am looking at the pots I create, the pots I create in relation to my companion, my companions pot in relation to themselves and in relation to our relationship. I am also looking at the pots as a group in its entirety and as coupled pairs.

The pots are created from a specific mass of clay which is communal and not divided. Their forms are not dictated in any way but decided upon at the inception of the task and often bend to the will of the material, not the maker.

To be continued…

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