LabSpacePlus 30 March 2014 – Object Lessons

Back in Labspaceplus this week and a project has opened itself out infront of me.  IMG_0544

Testing the wedging of the sticks with other materials as a means of enabling the space to be filled, and also to look at the tension inherent in the materials.  For the first piece I chose materials from around my house that engaged me. These were a piece of unused foam carpet underlay, and a large piece of very old rubber and paper backed carpet underlay. I also took a feather cushion inner from a cushion I purchased with my  ex partner during the final weeks of our life together, which was stored away in the airing cupboard. Looking at the materials I see the link of literal underlaying comfort, invisible support. 

The first piece is installed. The main reaction from observers is a dislike of the green colour..good. I want to get away from the simplicity of the palette I have used , perhaps a necessity to seek clarity. But now I am feeling like entering a celebratory phase. IMG_0543

I have decided to install one piece a day throughout the week and choose the materials in response the the previous days experiments.

Day two

Today I wanted to try to wedge a plate. I have 2 plates which belonged to the grandmother of my ex. I had kept them, they were pretty but they weren’t mine and recently my ex-mother-in-law ( if such a thing exists) mentioned these plates to me and how much her son had loved them. I denied knowing about them.With this exchange of conversation the plates became unwanted objects.

I told my mother in law that I had found them, but she said to return them was the wrong thing to do.

IMG_0536I successfully wedged the plate and as I moved to document it the tension sprung and the plate was smashed.

I spent time considering what I had done. I had entered into the space knowing that it was likely.

I tried to wedge the shards together but the ceramic lack of grip makes this impossible without intervention.

I wedged one shard with the help of some packing polyurethane foam and corrugated cardboard, and a small about of liquid rubber on the end of the stick.


From a comment from an observer on day one I attempted to make something that was transparent for the stick to sit on. This was to be a kind of air bag made from plastic which had been used as a wrapper for a large roll of bubble wrap- care, fragile, packaging.   

I was successful in documenting the wedge, but unsuccessful in making the air bag air tight on this experiment. The air bag deflated. I wedged the trunk using the tall legged chair which I used to install the second trunk and the ceramic shard, linking the pieces in that way and will try again with the air bag.
Day Three
Re-instating the air bag into the conversations.


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