The conversations continue… The mirroring of processes and finished character of the pairs is fascinating, unintentional, but absolute.  image   image

My mother and I in conversation.

Considering the works to be shown in a circle within a circle with another larger pot which I want to make and possibly have decorated by all the participants, or myself. Germinating idea.  But I want to get some paint in the mix and like the idea of creating one large pot myself but having all the other hands of the work paint it.

Conversations in your care.



The pots, vessels are not conversations? Are they simply monologues in company.

A conversation would be a joint production.

Also to ask others to respond to my pot in applying paint or other intervention is flawed in that the first person will influence the subsequent and the exchange is then with the other participants, not directly with me.

Monologues in your care.


How to make this a conversation?



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