The 72 unique mono prints displayed to create ‘We Are Hurrying.’ are the result of a decision to relinquish as much control over the outcome of my response to working with The Lincolnshire Archive.

The choice of the curator to display a box and yet to keep its contents unavailable to view offers the gallery visitor the intrigue I felt when visiting the archive for the first time and faced with the vast repository of boxes that I would never see the contents of.


Curiosity…what do we do now if we don’t know what something is? We Google it. 


I was given a list of the documents within box 818 and to create a visual work I used the filter of another archive; the vast repository of Google images. Each image is the first photographic image returned by the search and offers me one potential visual explanation of the unseen document.


‘We Are Hurrying.’ offers snap shot probabilities of the unseen documents, converting them into new narrative possibilities and creating an alternative visual, archival layer.


The mono printing process allowed the image to remain unseen until completion. The processes of miscellany and manufacture, occlusion and inclusion, mirror the nature of the formation of any archive. An archive can only be what it contains, what is chosen by us to be placed within it, but many an alternative history may have been discarded. 


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