unfired clay pinch pots made from local brick clay, dug up and processed by washing, seiving and kneading (wedging). Each load of clay makes an different quantity of pots. Each pot is different even though I try to take up the same amount each time, and model a similar shape vessel. The pots took 30 minutes each intially, then they took about 16 minutes, then 11, then 6.

What’s interesting is that I use my left hand more than my right. This has led me to reflect on my use of the left hand in other tasks and to consider it consciously. My new partner is left handed. I am not.

The hoard of pots will be buried, back in the same spot as the clay was removed from. Another load of clay will be dug up and made into vessels. I don’t intend to dig them up. I don’t know where I will bury the next hoard.

the unfired clay will assimilate back to the ground and form unknown structures, possibly never to be unearthed again.


Unfired clay pots, water, clay, table, canvas, plastic

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