Myself and 20 or so other MA and Phd students from all over the UK and the world are taking part in the Paradox Biennial in Poznan Poland his week.

I will post up some thoughts and project notes as things start to move.

I decided before I came that I would like to work in collaboration with another artist. knowing no one here it was going to be a challenge to make this happen easily, but then I think it may also be a challenge for me to attempt to continue with my own practice under the structure of a conference and its limited length of time.

I was drawn to Kim’s name on the list before I even arrived. But I didn’t google her. It didn’t even occur to me until I arrived and somebody had tried to google me.I didn’t meet her on the first travel weary, rabbit in the head lights exposure to the group. I landed at 8 and was driven straight to a restaurant and a room full of strangers all weary and tentatively dipping their proverbial toes into the waters of the experience.  I made it to the hostel through the kindness of others and slept fitfully in the 34 degree heat and stark space of the student room.

Day one 

The connection was made. we just started taking and we clicked. we wanted to both challenge ourselves and in fact it turned out that it was an equal challenge to Kim to make it to Poznan as it was for me, out of the comfort zone. (a few days later I would realise this was true for most people, its just that they had done this before and knew that something good would come out of it, also it turned out we had an unusually nice group apparently). We both individually knew that we would like to collaborate because our practice couldn’t be brought to Poland, and the performative aspects of our practice were nagging at us to challenge ourselves to explore them. By performative I think i simply mean the “doing”. The doing is where the work resides and I ran out of time on the MA to start to accommodate this question fully – where is the work…the doing…how to show the work?

By the end of the day we had come to learn of common ground beyond personal agenda for this week.

the embodiment of time in objects, the notion of geological time, a testing of ourselves with natural materials, a pushing of our feet/hands into the ground to see what it feel like to be.

Segments of rock (strata) inchronostratigraphy Time spans ingeochronology Notes to
geochronological units
Eonothem Eon 4 total, half a billion years or more
Erathem Era 10 defined, several hundred million years
System Period 22 defined, tens to ~one hundred million years
Series Epoch tens of millions of years
Stage Age millions of years
Chronozone Chron subdivision of an age, not used by the ICS timescale


Day two 

Collecting the stuff of the city.

Museum of archeology visit – consolidated the common ground and the pieces of interest to both myself and Kim 

image image image


The town clock has 2 mechanical goats which butt heads 12 times at 12 o’clock,

we are enjoying the image of the heads touching in reference to this whole experience. The image of the goats coming together is a starting point for exploring the exchange with each other in collaboration.

Day 3 Slaughter House


Kim read about this place. We asked and we got! This was an amazing tour around a derelict 20th century slaughter complex. Like a small village it even had a hotel, and housed the workers families.

Every building has a different resonance. The one above struck the chord with Kim and me.

The doors were flung open and a pair of swallows began to loop within and call to each other before exiting through the back window and we knew we had found our space.

The complex was vast with vast spaces and many people became inspired to create here, expecially sound works.


collaboration – not alone


exchange with

testing ourselves against each other/ materials / this situation

material – clay, grain, hops, body

actions – touch – touch to learn – Kim lips  weaving hair, headdress, paper planes, bowls

communication, touch, knowledge of material. punctuated by 12 meetings of heads.

survival – ground and grain.


Day 4

A day of doing. Kneading clay until my thumbs locked.

Finding actions that are finding us. The project is a response to the project and the whole experience is a snake eating its own tail – a loop.

Day 5

Time to simplify.

Construct then destruct then construct and loop – a project within a project in response to this city.

Day 6 

Filming in the old slaughter house.


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