1. The action or fact of breaking out afresh; a recurrence of a disease or medical condition, or of an undesirable state of things, bad feelings, etc., esp. after a period of quiescence or remission

2. A revival or rediscovery of something good or valuable




To Collaborate:
The old slaughterhouse complex in Poznan seems like a village within the city. Its many buildings each with a purpose in the cycle of the keeping and slaughter of animals also used to house workers and their families in exchange for their hard labour. The business disappeared some 15 years ago and the buildings emptied of activity.

Without a purpose we deteriorate.
To reactivate: restore (something) to a state of activity; bring back into action.

The once forgotten space of the slaughterhouse complex draws creativity to it and allows for germination. It seeds itself through the artists and musicians, who come to inhabit the vast, hollow spaces that resonate as ritual in their scale. The shopping and art commerce, created in the cultured hothouses of the newly built centers, grows unhindered and lush from the cracks in this place and regenerates a space designed to feed a city. The flea market thriving with an informal trading of the things people seem to want – the thrill of the hunt and the treasure of the find.
These restore activity to the site. They repurpose space through collaboration, an exchange of needs and resources.

Swallows nest inside the place where pigs once hung to bleed. The high walls and clay brick a substitute for the cool cliff side burrows their old hearts must desire. The life here creates life.

Swallows mate in a monogamous and mutualistic relationship, returning to the same nest, if it is successful, often close to where they themselves were born.

They construct their nest from mud.
To construct: to form by assembling or combining parts: build, a home, a concept, a concrete image an idea.

To collaborate: work jointly, come together, participate, and associate.

Pay attention to the things happening instinctively, such as a waste ground appropriated as a car park.
We put our heads together like the famous goats of Poznan.
Their act of defence, in us an act of frustration?

To collaborate: to not be alone.

It cannot be forced to succeed. It can only lead. It is not enough to not want to be alone.
In seeking a mirror I obliterate myself.
To collaborate is to move back and forth and offer that which the other seeks.
The other is always an absence in the self.
Something which needs restoring.


The installation of small bowls in response to The Old Slaughter House, Poznan. Part of a performance, Recrudesence, with Kim W Wilson.


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