Jan 2015

Making. Tim Ingold.

Stealing The Mona Lisa.  Darian Leader

The Instant.  Gaston Bachelard

Life Lessons from Bergson.  A School of. Life publication.

Individuals:Post-Movement Art in America. Alan Sondheim

Feb 2015

Ann Hamilton. Joan Simon

the Aesthetics of Disengagement:Contemporary Art and Depression. Christine Ross.

Overlay. Contemporary Art and the Art of Prehistory. Lucy Lippard.

Coiled Pottery. Betty Blandino


April 2015

Ape, Primitive Man and Child. Essays in the history if behaviour. A.R.Luria and L.S. Vygotsky.


May 2015

Preserves.Christin Borland.

June 2015

Nature Culture and the Spirtual in the work of John Newling

William Tucker

July 2015

The Yellow Wallpaper. Charlotte Perkins-Gillman

Swann’s Way  Proust

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