44Human culture is invested in things – but the arts have long hoped to disclose the human essence within them (Charlesworth, 2014).

How do objects mean?

How does a broken plate mean?

How does a plaster cast of a cereal bowl mean?

When we attend to the work of Elizabeth Wright, we find ourselves posing these questions. The carefully choreographed vignettes before us seem to make more salient, more vivid, the everyday means we all employ to make objects into emissaries of meaning. Vischer’s term Einfuhlung (feeling-into or empathy) comes to mind; we feel into the objects, and through them on into the other who created them, we have an inkling of their intentions through our embodied simulation of their actions – intersubjectivity through intercorporeality.


Charlesworth, J.J. (2014, June 24). Subjects V Objects. Retrieved from http://blog.jjcharlesworth.com/2014/06/24/subjects-v-objects/

A written response at the invitation of the artist, by David McAleavey, May 2015.

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